"Let's get down to cookin' up some real Americana food"


Many of these recipes spring from my own imagination and what’s in my cupboards. I’ve spent years making the same down-home dishes for my family and friends- much to their delight- perfecting and tweaking old recipes as I go along. The rest, I’ve culled over time from road trips I’ve taken around this here gorgeous country of ours- whether out for a weekend or two with friends, or on the road with my band. From the vast array of roadside diners, back roads rest stops, and small town eateries, the very best of what’s available locally, and yes, even seasonally, comprises the bulk of my old-style recipe tin at home. I’ve compiled my favorites from that tin here for you to enjoy with your family and friends on your own back porch, kitchen table, and front gallery alike.

What I call Americana cuisine comes from a mish-mash of all different types of cultures and kitchens, brought together in one place or another all around this vast country of ours, and given one simple way to describe the flavors you’ll find there- Americana. From northeastern oyster stews to southwest chilies, from west coast wild mushrooms to eastern seaboard cranberries and nuts, the dishes and ingredients that go into them are all familiar, All-American, and certainly feel like home.

If you like down-home cooking, then you’ll enjoy these recipes for a long time to come. The very idea of this cookbook is to provide you with the basics of my personal recipes- something to kick-start your own imagination and taste buds- and encourage you to head down to your local Farmer’s Market and set you on the road to filling your personal recipe tin with your own tried and true well-loved dishes. Now, let’s quit jawin’ and get down to cookin’!


"Ruby's approach to food and music are the same -- she's classic and classy with a twist of unexpected delight. And what she whips up is always extremely tasty!"

- Elizabeth McQueen, singer Asleep at the Wheel

"I can't think of a better person to do a cookbook like this. Ruby IS Juke Joint, Americana, and all the good stuff that goes with it. In Ruby's life, music and cooking are intertwined: heart & soul, inspiration, improvisation, and passion. Ruby has all the right ingrediants to make this the "go-to" book in anyone's kitchen."

- Cindy Cashdollar, Five time Grammy award winning dobro and steel player (Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Dave Alvin and more)