A New Ingredient!!

I thought I’d seen and used pretty much everything I’d ever see and use in the kitchen- at least, in MY kitchen! As it turns out, I was very wrong. Just this last week, I was making my way through the grocery store- and I don’t mean that I was eating free samples. I sometimes wander the aisles in search of inspiration for something exciting to make up at home. And while browsing, I spied a brand new ingredient for me- so I had to pick it up, bring it home, and try something new.

Grilled Chicken

I’m talking about coconut vinegar. Which is delicious and very strong. So if you feel adventurous and want to try your hand cooking with it too, take my word- and cut the amount you would normally use in half! Poor Jorge is a super taster- meaning that he is very sensitive to intense flavors- and the chicken I marinated in coconut vinegar, lime, fish sauce, chiles, and brown sugar had a bit too much vinegar edge to it- so it was extremely tart. So take Jorge’s word- cut the coconut vinegar in half! 😉

I love the flavor though, and intend to make up a batch of grilled coconut vinaigrette basted-sweet potatoes and onions, and serve that with some butter chicken I have marinating now. Try it, I highly recommend it for a unique something new for your table 🙂