Ahhh… Cooking Just Satisfies the Soul

It’s true. Cooking just satisfies the soul. And I mean everyone’s soul! The cook gets satisfaction in making a dish well. The guests, or diners in any case, get to enjoy a deliciously prepared meal. And everyone simply glows from the mutual admiration that shines back and forth. That “thank you for making this!” and “thank you for enjoying it” appreciation that flies around a harmonious kitchen and dining room. Nice.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking for friends and family, and teaching folks how to make my favorite recipes- whether every week on my radio program RUBY’S KITCHEN RADIO SHOW- or at special events like last night’s Sweethearts Dinner cooking class at Central Market here in Austin. The guests all had a wonderful time, but honestly, I think we had just as much fun and enjoyment in the kitchen! The staff at the Central Market cooking school in Austin are just wonderful people- talented, fun, kind, and they really know their way around food.

I think we even came up with a challenge last night. I believe that down the road, there might be a ‘Pie Off’ between cooking school chef Louis and myself… I feel sorry for him already! 😉

Well, I just wanted to point out how soul-filling not only eating lovingly prepared food can be, but also how enriching it is to prepare it and serve it up. Everyone wins! And since it’s raining outside, I’m off to cook up something deliciously cozy- oooh… cider braised steak, roast potatoes, and pecan creamed spinach enchiladas anyone?!