All Around the Dinner Table

I love having folks over for a nice, relaxed and easy going dinner party- nothing fancy- just good, honest food, tasty drinks of some kind, and scintillating conversation going around the table 🙂

Grilled Steak

For last night’s dinner, I marinated a huge bowl full of steak in mustard, beer, brown sugar, soy, rice vinegar, and a few other odds n ends I can’t recall 😉 Plus I made up a batch of roasted poblano and tomatillo potato salad, and Jorge’s favorite peanut ginger slaw. After our guests arrived and had glasses of wine in hand, I threw the steaks on the grill, cooked them to perfection, and we promptly ate everything up- even our Swedish pal Marcus who’d just been saying that he couldn’t finish American sized meals- even he finished everything on his plate!

Another great evening of fine food, finer company, and good times, all around the dinner table 🙂