And The Cooking (& Baking, & Everything Else) Begins!

Yes, everyone knows how much I love Thanksgiving. And yes, I know I tend to beat it into the ground- how much I adore the flavors and weather and everything about this time of year 😉 But hey! You’re the one reading this! So hopefully you like something about Autumn ingredients and cooler weather too…

So now the cooking- and baking, and shining up the silver and dusting off wineglasses- all of that begins. For the next few days, I’ll be rolling out pie dough, baking some new favorites and old- and preparing our home for the thirteen guests we’re expecting Thursday evening.

And oh Thursday! I can just taste the dressing, and gravy, and onion relish, and white truffle gruyere mac-n-cheese, and maple herb-rubbed turkey… sure hope there’s leftovers!

I wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving~ may you all have something good in your lives to be grateful for 🙂