Back in the Kitchen Saddle!

Every time we leave town on tour, it takes me a few weeks to really feel like I’m back in the saddle again, at home and cooking away for my sweety and our friends. I either cook way too much food all at once, seemingly trying to catch up from lost time at the grill and stove, or can’t think what to make and we end up eating a lot of thrown together salads.


Now we’re back to that happy medium place where I have ideas, I get inspired by what’s freshest and best at our local farmer’s market, I make up lists, and get down to cooking- just enough!

Last night, we had a lovely supper of tacos made with cold sliced marinated & grilled beef and chicken, wasabi slaw, fresh tomatoes, and spicy mayo; served alongside poblano tomatillo potato salad and greens.

Now I’m planning up some savory waffles to be served sandwich style with toffee pulled pork and mixed vegetables- yow!! Happy to be home…