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Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show on Hiatus

I hate to have to admit this, but even I can’t keep up this pace all the time! What with researching, writing and recording my radio show, writing for, rehearsing with and playing with my band, as well as handling all the booking and PR, plus working on various film projects that take up 12 hour days, what suffers is the very thing that I so love to do: cook and enjoy great meals with my husband and friends.

So… one of the things that I can place on pause for now is my radio show. I’m sad to say so, but there you have it. Today’s show will be my last for a while until I can find some balance in my hectic life.

I’m happy to answer any questions about food and cooking directly though- so no need to wait for my show to come back on air. Just write to me directly 🙂

And keep it tasty!

Who Volunteers to Cook For ME This Week?!

😉 I know, I’ve said it before, but I really am so busy that it’s all I can do to throw a couple of chicken breasts into a marinade for later on this week when I can toss them onto the grill for a few minutes, and have plenty of salad fixings ready to go for Kitchen Sink Salad any night this week.

Kitchen Sink Salad

I’m just so busy with a variety of projects, my radio show, rehearsals, and a plethora of shows during SXSW (yes indeedy, it is that time of year), that I just want to come home to a home cooked meal that someone ELSE has made! Any volunteers?!

I know, I know, this too shall pass 🙂 And until then, enjoy the chaos for what it is, and keep it tasty!

Entertaining Made Easy AND Delicious

In all our busy lives- rehearsing, playing shows, working in new songs and substitute rhythm section folks, writing and recording my radio show, plus working other jobs here and there to make ends meet, we still make room to see friends.

Lamb Tagine

Now, most often, that means that we invite them over to our home for a happening meal cooked by yours truly- somehow it just seems easier that way 😉 And this weekend is no different. We have a couple of friends joining us for dinner tomorrow night (we’re playing a show tonight), and I’ll be cooking up one of my favorite meals of all time: a Moroccan inspired lamb stew made with honey, preserved lemons and prunes, served alongside a nutty quinoa salad, goat cheese spread with olives and orange zest, and minted carrot salad. All delicious, all easy to make 🙂

Long Hours=Easy Cooking Needs

I’ve been working long hours these past few weeks, so that always turns into a choice between ordering pizza and Chinese food or cooking up something before my week gets rolling that is fairly easy to make, and will last us most of the week in various incarnations.

Roast Pork

I’m talking about roast porkloin that can then be shredded and served any which way, lamb that can then be added to other dishes, salmon that can be made into salad or whatnot, the list goes on…

Tonight I’ll do a coffee-brown sugar rub on a pork loin, let that rest overnight, then slow cook that tomorrow to serve alongside braised greens for an easy, delicious supper with leftovers that will last throughout the week, deliciously 🙂

All Around the Dinner Table

I love having folks over for a nice, relaxed and easy going dinner party- nothing fancy- just good, honest food, tasty drinks of some kind, and scintillating conversation going around the table 🙂

Grilled Steak

For last night’s dinner, I marinated a huge bowl full of steak in mustard, beer, brown sugar, soy, rice vinegar, and a few other odds n ends I can’t recall 😉 Plus I made up a batch of roasted poblano and tomatillo potato salad, and Jorge’s favorite peanut ginger slaw. After our guests arrived and had glasses of wine in hand, I threw the steaks on the grill, cooked them to perfection, and we promptly ate everything up- even our Swedish pal Marcus who’d just been saying that he couldn’t finish American sized meals- even he finished everything on his plate!

Another great evening of fine food, finer company, and good times, all around the dinner table 🙂

Great Way to Start the Day

I’m making breakfast for my sweety while he still sleeps since he stayed up all night gaming- ha!

Hot coffee, waffles, eggs scrambled with salsa and onions, and maple cured bacon. Yes it’s true, I love the guy 🙂


Comfort Food, with a Little Class

Now that I’m feeling a whole lot better from all these sinus infections that have been keeping me out of the kitchen (for the most part), I’m ready to rock and roll at my stove again!

Tuna Casserole

One of Jorge’s favorite wintertime dishes is a classic tuna casserole that I make with fresh peas, mushrooms, tuna and sour cream. I often dress it up a bit with various herbs or a little something extra, and for tonight’s version, I’ve decided to add some smoked salmon and a bit of tarragon. Just give it a little extra class 😉

Oh, My Head

I’ve been sick as can be for the past few weeks- it started out as allergies- just like everyone else is suffering through in this part of the country- but has turned into a nasty sinus infection.

Turkey Stew

So chicken soup with a bit of chile and citrus it is for me, and lots of bed rest. Until next time, stay healthy!!

Getting Ready for Downton Abbey Dinner Deluxe!

I had to cook up something a bit fanciful, but not too crazy, for tonight’s opening show of this season’s Downton Abbey. So I am making up a take-off on Chicken Cordon Bleu, but with a bit of extra pizzazz: Chicken stuffed with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Gruyere, Pinenuts and Prunes- pan-fried to seal in a nice brown crispy skin, then finished off in the oven and served alongside roast potatoes and steamed asparagus in a horseradish-butter sauce.

Ham Cheese Stuffed Chick

Excuse me Sir, may I finish that? 😉

Holiday Ham Bliss

We have been enjoying one of the most delicious glazed smoked hams I’ve ever made, though the leftovers are just about gone now. I think we have one dinner’s worth of delicious tacos left, and then it’s back to the market for me to cook up something new.

Glazed Ham

One of my favorite things about cooking something like a glazed ham or brisket is that we have all these leftovers that I can then add ingredients to and make new tastes out of something already delicious, just made anew, keeping our taste buds interested 🙂

I tried a new take on a tried and true ham glaze last week. For our Xmas dinner, I threw a coke, chile paste, brown sugar, and rice vinegar into a saucepan, let that simmer until it reduced by half, then brushed that over a smoked ham, placed the ham in a roasting pan in the oven for a few hours, and let heat do it’s magic. Sure, I basted the ham every 15-20 minutes. Also made up a lovely truffle potato gratin and horseradish Brussels sprouts. And dinner was amazing.

The next night too. And the pulled pork tacos we’ve been enjoying, and, and, and… I’m DEFINITELY making this glaze again. Keeping it tasty in 2013!

Enchiladas with a Kick!!

I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before! We had some Indian food leftover from dinner this past week, and as I like to make old into new to keep our taste buds interested, I thought I’d try mixing it all up into a batch of enchiladas.


And Oh. My. Lord. These enchiladas have to be the best I’ve ever had! Or at least, the most intriguing- in a good way 😉 I made these up with leftover butter chicken masala, tandoori lamb, vindaloo and saag paneer, yum!!!

My Favorite Winter Comfort Meal

And not only are all the flavours inherently scrumptious, it’s GOOD for you too! My Killer Beef Brisket with Sweet Potatoes and Dried Fruit is chock full of vitamins that give you that pick-me-up so many of us seem to need this time of year.

Brisket & Sw Pot

A little sunshine in our kitchen, right where it is best 🙂

Making Peanut Butter Cookies

To both soothe my soul after the Grammy let-down, and feed my hubby’s ever-lovin’ belly 🙂

PB Cookies

Life is good!

And now for the encore…


What can I say? I do believe a picture is worth a thousand bites, or words, or… urp, excuse me while I go finish this off! And yes, there is a thanksgiving leftovers shepherd’s pie ready for dinner…

Getting Ready for the Cookdown!

I love cooking thanksgiving dinner so much. It’s a day when everyone knows not to disturb me. Rather, just allow me to go into that cooking, baking, thanksgiving trance. I put on some music, and rock out at the oven and stove all day. Gotta love it.

So I’m ready. I’ll be picking up our bird and all the fixings in a few days, then cranking the oven up and baking Jorge’s favorite Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie along with a few other tasty tidbits, and then step back world, the kitchen is MINE 😉


Meanwhile, it’s definitely tetrazinni weather, so I’m off to bake up a bone-warming noodle dish. Ta!

Meal for the Week

I’m working long hours on a film that’s in town right now, so once a week, I get to cook up something delicious that will last half the week. Then I can take any leftovers from THAT and make up something else to fill our bellies: usually enchiladas or some sort of shepherd’s pie.

Peppered Ham Sweet Potato Bake

Last night’s dinner- that will last a few days and then be re-imagined into something new and equally as tasty 😉 was Peppered Mustard-Bourbon-Glazed Ham with Sweet Potato-Apple Bake and Southern Greens with Bacon, Citrus and Chiles. Mmmmm…

Enjoying the Cooler Weather, Inside and Out

I love me some sweater weather. I love bundling up and venturing outside when it’s crisp and cool. Not raging howling blustery freezing weather, mind you. Rather, friendly, chilly, easy to take a walk in, Fall weather.


And easy to enjoy my favorite Autumn ingredients in all sorts of delicious Fall fare: pumpkin soup, potato-leek-parsnip gratin with sausage and cream, and of course, the big T-day coming up 🙂 But this weekend, I’m keeping it simple, and making up a nice batch of soup and some kind of gratin that we can warm and pair with a fresh green salad later in the week. Autumn is good…

Hope to see some of you at a show somewhere soon! Until then, keep it tasty 🙂

What Do You Serve Friends From Out of Town?

And not only out of town, but out of the country? Whenever we have guests from pretty much anywhere, I always plan at least a couple of meals for them in our home. One is usually either some type of BBQ or grilled item, or any of my tried-and-true Texas or Southern-accented dishes. And the other is almost always some version of Migas- eggs scrambled with onion, garlic, chiles, corn chips, cilantro, and whatever salsa I feel like throwing together. Plus a good solid helping of beans, potatoes, and plenty of coffee. Now THAT’S a welcome to Austin if anything ever was!


Keep ’em well-fed, keep ’em happy 😉

Meal for the Week: Caramel Chicken

I’ve been working incredibly long hours on a new project, on top of all my regular band and radio show work. So making up something at the start of the week to get us through the week has been essential as of late.

Caramel Chicken

So, for dinner the other night (and a few days’ worth of meals thereafter), I cooked up a skillet-full of caramel chicken, served alongside roasted chipotle-toffee sweet potatoes, and sauteed peas and radishes. Heaven, night after night.

And of course, by night three, I always make up a leftovers dish to create something sorta different- either enchiladas or a filo pastry shepherd’s pie, or… it doesn’t matter. It always tastes great!!

Brand New ‘No Time To Cook’ Favorite Meal

Ok, so it’s not really cooking. But I have a brand new favorite take on my time-tested ‘Kitchen Sink Salad’- a salad made up of all sorts of bits and pieces for a great meal. I’ve been working on a new project that takes many, many hours, on top of regular band stuff and doing my radio show. So, easy to throw together yet tasty and good for you meals are on my mind these days.


The NEW version then, of my Kitchen Sink Salad, is as follows: Chop up a bunch of romaine lettuce, add a dozen cherry tomatoes, a couple of chopped carrots, 3 oz crumbled blue cheese, one and a half cups steamed peas and corn- hot from the steamer- a quarter chopped cucumber, a handful of raisins, a handful of chopped almonds, and a can of spicy tuna. Dress however you like, toss and dine.

Again, I know. It’s not cooking. But it’s a delicious dinner that’s easy to throw together with no forethought after a looong day, and good for you too 🙂

Think I’ll make up a batch of chile to get us through next week…

Get Ready for Leftover Heaven

One of my favorite things to do is create a new meal from an old one. I love taking leftovers and doing something new with them for an entirely fresh, delicious dinner that makes Jorge groan with pleasure!


Last night’s dinner (and tonight’s) started out with leftover cider-brined pork chops, cut up and tossed with roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, & wild mushrooms in a balsamic-peach sauce, rolled up into corn tortillas, topped with tomato sauce and salsa, grated gruyere and cheddar cheeses, and a sprinkling of cocoa and cinnamon. Then into the oven for 30 minutes and voila! A delicious new meal from leftovers- heaven!

Almost Autumn…

I keep getting psyched out by the weather- it’s cooling down, it’s not. It’s cooling down, it’s not. Sigh. Well, either way, I’m pulling out all my Autumn recipes and getting into the spirit of cooler weather fare.

Cider Pork Chops

For tonight’s dinner (And yay! Leftovers tomorrow night!) we’ll be enjoying Cider-Braised Pork Chops with Roasted Pears, Walnuts, Mushrooms and Potatoes. Oh. So. Good.

It doesn’t matter how warm or cool it is outside! I’m keeping it tasty y’all! 😉

Noodle Heaven

It’s that time of year again when it’s hot as Hades one minute, then raining and cool the next, then back to muggy wet heat right away again… that confuses my palate as all get out- I never know whether to BBQ or bake something, whip up a quick salad or put a rich stew on for hours…

Peanut Chicken

So I end up cooking up a lot of last-minute meals. Oh, so now it’s hot? Quick! Throw something on the grill! Now it’s cool and raining? Quick! Make up a hearty casserole! And one of my favorite last-minute quickie dishes is a composite actually of a few different things: rice noodles cooked up and tossed with curry-marinated chicken and vegetables, all topped with a luscious peanut-coconut sauce. All easy to make, all easy to enjoy 😉

And then the leftovers, yum! So Texas weather can keep doing what it does- it can’t fool me! Our next meal is just a grocery shop/farmer’s market away from coming together right away. Keeping it tasty for a long, long time now!!

End of Summer Blues

Well, not that I’m sad actually. We had a kind summer this year- not too many over the top 100+ degree days, and for that I am ever grateful! All the same, my favorite season of the year is Autumn- for all the harvest bounty and yummy flavors that come with it. So I’m not exactly sad to see Summer go.

Blueberry Steak

I’m talking about blueberries- I’ve been trying to eat up as many as I can before they disappear off our market shelves: adding them to my cereal, obviously, atop ice cream, mixed in with chopped salads, and the past few days, I’ve taken to smashing them up and mixing them with a bit of fish sauce, lime juice, chiles and vinegar, and using that to marinate a couple of steaks. Mmmm!!!

Blueberry marinated steak served alongside chipotle grilled okra and sundried tomato-rubbed and grilled sweet potatoes, oh yeah! Maybe Summer could stick around a bit longer after all…

A New Ingredient!!

I thought I’d seen and used pretty much everything I’d ever see and use in the kitchen- at least, in MY kitchen! As it turns out, I was very wrong. Just this last week, I was making my way through the grocery store- and I don’t mean that I was eating free samples. I sometimes wander the aisles in search of inspiration for something exciting to make up at home. And while browsing, I spied a brand new ingredient for me- so I had to pick it up, bring it home, and try something new.

Grilled Chicken

I’m talking about coconut vinegar. Which is delicious and very strong. So if you feel adventurous and want to try your hand cooking with it too, take my word- and cut the amount you would normally use in half! Poor Jorge is a super taster- meaning that he is very sensitive to intense flavors- and the chicken I marinated in coconut vinegar, lime, fish sauce, chiles, and brown sugar had a bit too much vinegar edge to it- so it was extremely tart. So take Jorge’s word- cut the coconut vinegar in half! 😉

I love the flavor though, and intend to make up a batch of grilled coconut vinaigrette basted-sweet potatoes and onions, and serve that with some butter chicken I have marinating now. Try it, I highly recommend it for a unique something new for your table 🙂

Adobo Marinated Chicken Delight

Ok, so here’s what happens when I’m feeling bored or somehow have too much time on my hands. If I’m being good, I write a song or two. And if I’m trying to kick my creativity into gear but am feeling a bit lazy, I go to the kitchen and plan something scrumptious for my husband and me to enjoy- then I shop, chop, marinate, and whatever else- and dine!

Adobo Marinated Chicken

The past 24 hours, I’ve had freshly butchered chicken marinating in a mildly spicy adobo I made up of soy, coconut vinegar, fish sauce, brown sugar, chiles, and lime. And the longer it marinates, oh the better it’s going to taste! For dinner, I’ll serve that up alongside a batch of sticky jasmine rice and a cold pea-cucumber-radish salad tossed with sesame oil, cider vinegar, garlic and five star anise, mmmm…

All Things Greek, mmmm

I just returned home from a few weeks in Greece and Romania, and while I certainly have stories to tell, and many fond memories of places and events that happened while I was there, I have to say, the most memorable moment was when I tasted honest-to-God real, rich and creamy feta cheese for the first time in my life! I mean, I’ve had feta cheese many, many times, but never, EVER like this!

Greek Steak Salad

So I am on the hunt for that same flavor and texture, and if I find it, you’ll hear about it, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, I am loving all things Greek in our meals these days. This time of year, I often love Greek salads as a delicious way to enjoy a variety of flavors all in one meal: not only feta, but also cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, and grilled chicken or salami or something a little extra- all tossed with a zesty red wine vinegar-based dressing loaded with garlic. Mmmmmm….

For tonight’s dinner, I have been marinating a couple of steaks in red wine, vinegar, lemon, garlic, oregano, and sun-dried tomatoes from our garden. I’ve grilled those up and will serve them atop a crisp salad with the last of our tomatoes, garbanzos, pistachios, and raisins. And life is good.

Love to travel. Love to bring it on home 🙂

Has It Really Been That Long?!

Has it really been a month since I’ve blogged? Never mind that I was out of the country for half that time, and spent the other half preparing and then recuperating from my travels 😉 I just can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve written about food, at least here.

So! Here’s what’s cooking in Ruby’s Kitchen (that’s my kitchen) today: this morning, I steamed some gorgeous sliced beets, and now that they’ve cooled down, I’m going to toss them together with sliced cucumber, shallots, yoghurt, horseradish, and a hint of sherry wine vinegar. That’s one.

Beet Salad

Next, I’ve been marinating some locally grown cut-up chicken in a blend of lemon juice, vegetable oil, egg, lemon zest, and S&P. I’ll throw that on the grill and thoroughly enjoy the results. Try it. You’ll love how tender and juicy the chicken is! That’s two.

Lemon Chicken

Last, I kept the beet greens, and will saute those with as much garlic as I can handle, some chile pepper, lemon juice, cider vinegar, and a splash of beer. Maybe even throw in a bit of brown sugar if it seems the greens need it. That’s three, and that’s dinner tonight, after rehearsal!

Sauted Greens

Ok, whew, I’m back, and ready to cook up a storm 🙂

Love Cooking For Friends

I do. Love cooking for friends, that is. I love finding out what their favorite meals are, or what they dislike, so I don’t serve that, or if there’s anything they’ve been craving so I can do one better than simply cooking up whatever.

Brined Chops

This weekend we have some friends stopping by, and I’ve had thick center-cut pork chops brining in a brown sugar-thyme-rum bath for a few days already, as well as a few pieces of chicken marinating in one of my signature BBQ sauces (chipotle-citrus). I also plan to make a huge batch of hot potato salad with bacon and green onions, a sweet and spicy peanut mixed vegetable slaw, a cold herbed tomato salad made from all these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes we have from our garden, and I’m happy to bartend up a round of Mexican martinis to complete our dining experience 🙂

So now I’ve outed myself, and you all know who to call if you have a hankering for any specific dish that you just can’t seem to find anywhere. Tell you what, you bring the ingredients, I’ll do the cookin’! I love cooking for friends that much.

Grillin’ and Lovin’ It

One of my favorite ways to cook up delicious quality meals is to always have a couple of sauces- or the ingredients to make them- on hand. The other day at the market, I picked up a bag of fresh organic lemons- not sure what I planned to do with them, but certain I would come up with something.

Lemon Grilled Chicken

The next day, it came to me: I whisked juice from two of the lemons together with an egg, lemon zest, S&P and vegetable oil, and marinated a cut-up chicken in that overnight.

Then all that remained was to throw that on the grill the next day and voila! A delicious, lemony-rich grilled chicken dinner served alongside braised greens with tomatoes from our garden and a cool rice salad dotted liberally with peas, green onion, pineapple, peanuts, and sesame oil. Such a delicious dinner!

I’m happy to share… 😉

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