Brand New ‘No Time To Cook’ Favorite Meal

Ok, so it’s not really cooking. But I have a brand new favorite take on my time-tested ‘Kitchen Sink Salad’- a salad made up of all sorts of bits and pieces for a great meal. I’ve been working on a new project that takes many, many hours, on top of regular band stuff and doing my radio show. So, easy to throw together yet tasty and good for you meals are on my mind these days.


The NEW version then, of my Kitchen Sink Salad, is as follows: Chop up a bunch of romaine lettuce, add a dozen cherry tomatoes, a couple of chopped carrots, 3 oz crumbled blue cheese, one and a half cups steamed peas and corn- hot from the steamer- a quarter chopped cucumber, a handful of raisins, a handful of chopped almonds, and a can of spicy tuna. Dress however you like, toss and dine.

Again, I know. It’s not cooking. But it’s a delicious dinner that’s easy to throw together with no forethought after a looong day, and good for you too 🙂

Think I’ll make up a batch of chile to get us through next week…