Cold Weather Comfort Food, Old School Style ;-)

I am just getting over that super-flu that has been going around all over this country, and I have to tell you, hurrah for big pots of cold weather comfort food, old school style, that warm your heart as well as your belly!

Even in the midst of hacking, chills, aching and delirium, I somehow stumbled into the kitchen once or twice a week to whip up a stew or brothy soup that we could then warm up and sip on throughout the week. Somehow though, towards the end of my bout with the malady, I started craving meat- and proceeded to cook up my fave wild game chili with green chile cornbread, a batch of toffee pulled pork that could be warmed and served with tortillas, avocado and tomatillo salsa, and even a nice, hearty, old fashioned meatloaf made with ground sausage and bison- yum!


I don’t know what finally kicked the flu out of my system, but I’ll tell you what- I’m pretty sure every one of these dishes helped a lot 🙂

Now I’m starting to finetune the dishes I’ll be teaching folks how to cook at my next Central Market Cooking School class set for February 8th at the North Lamar location. The class runs from 6:30pm to 9pm, and I’m concentrating on a romantic meal for two for couples to enjoy learning how to cook up: Cider-Cheese Fondue, Grilled Tenderloin with Chocolate-Balsamic Sauce, Nutty Creamy Spinach, Slow Roasted Herbed Tomatoes, and Chocolate Rose Truffle Spoons! There might even be a little serenading going on… go to www.centralmarket.com and follow the prompts to the Austin Cooking School calendar to sign up for this event. Cost: $50 pp

Well, I’m off to warm up some chili~ I hope every one of you stays warm and healthy through the rest of this flu season!