End of Summer Blues

Well, not that I’m sad actually. We had a kind summer this year- not too many over the top 100+ degree days, and for that I am ever grateful! All the same, my favorite season of the year is Autumn- for all the harvest bounty and yummy flavors that come with it. So I’m not exactly sad to see Summer go.

Blueberry Steak

I’m talking about blueberries- I’ve been trying to eat up as many as I can before they disappear off our market shelves: adding them to my cereal, obviously, atop ice cream, mixed in with chopped salads, and the past few days, I’ve taken to smashing them up and mixing them with a bit of fish sauce, lime juice, chiles and vinegar, and using that to marinate a couple of steaks. Mmmm!!!

Blueberry marinated steak served alongside chipotle grilled okra and sundried tomato-rubbed and grilled sweet potatoes, oh yeah! Maybe Summer could stick around a bit longer after all…