Entertaining Made Easy AND Delicious

In all our busy lives- rehearsing, playing shows, working in new songs and substitute rhythm section folks, writing and recording my radio show, plus working other jobs here and there to make ends meet, we still make room to see friends.

Lamb Tagine

Now, most often, that means that we invite them over to our home for a happening meal cooked by yours truly- somehow it just seems easier that way 😉 And this weekend is no different. We have a couple of friends joining us for dinner tomorrow night (we’re playing a show tonight), and I’ll be cooking up one of my favorite meals of all time: a Moroccan inspired lamb stew made with honey, preserved lemons and prunes, served alongside a nutty quinoa salad, goat cheese spread with olives and orange zest, and minted carrot salad. All delicious, all easy to make 🙂