Holiday Ham Bliss

We have been enjoying one of the most delicious glazed smoked hams I’ve ever made, though the leftovers are just about gone now. I think we have one dinner’s worth of delicious tacos left, and then it’s back to the market for me to cook up something new.

Glazed Ham

One of my favorite things about cooking something like a glazed ham or brisket is that we have all these leftovers that I can then add ingredients to and make new tastes out of something already delicious, just made anew, keeping our taste buds interested 🙂

I tried a new take on a tried and true ham glaze last week. For our Xmas dinner, I threw a coke, chile paste, brown sugar, and rice vinegar into a saucepan, let that simmer until it reduced by half, then brushed that over a smoked ham, placed the ham in a roasting pan in the oven for a few hours, and let heat do it’s magic. Sure, I basted the ham every 15-20 minutes. Also made up a lovely truffle potato gratin and horseradish Brussels sprouts. And dinner was amazing.

The next night too. And the pulled pork tacos we’ve been enjoying, and, and, and… I’m DEFINITELY making this glaze again. Keeping it tasty in 2013!