Home Again Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Ah… it’s good to be home! We just returned from a three week tour in Europe- across Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden- to absolutely perfect weather, a bit of rain and not-too-hot sun, and tomatoes already on the vine in my kitchen garden!

Mojo Chicken

A little wobbly after many hours en route home, I rushed to the store and picked up a few things to marinate for a couple of easy-to-make no-nonsense meals: short ribs marinating in a pineapple shoyu sauce, to be served alongside drunken beans and fresh greens, and boneless skinless chicken breasts marinated in chiles, herbs, white vinegar & sour orange. I already grilled that up and served it alongside a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in sherry vinegar and cilantro for a delicious easy-to-make (= brain in a fog), easy-to-enjoy meal.

I’m still looking for another sponsor for Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show, so if anyone knows of anyone potentially interested, please have them give me a shout! It’s incredibly affordable, in exchange for a lot of coverage on both the radio show and online 🙂

Alright, I’m off to play a show at the Continental Club. Just wanted to send a little message out to friends and fans- keep it tasty!