Is It Time To Bake Already?!

Pretty much, always, if you’re in my kitchen 🙂 I can’t help it! I walk past pyramids of peaches, cherries, blueberries, and other succulent fruits at the farmer’s market or grocery store and my mind starts doing back flips…

The other day I was inspired to work up a little picnic for my sweety and me, and absolutely had to top it off with something from the oven, no matter that it’s still hanging around the triple digits around here!

So I put on my creative cap (figuratively, mind you) and came up with this scrumptious caramel apple-peach-blueberry tart in an oatmeal-citrus crust (folded into empanada-like pockets for picnic-ing pleasure)- yum!!

Oh right, Jorge doesn’t like fruit, so I’ve been giving them away… anyone?!

Feel free to tune into Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show for the recipe 😉 That’s every Saturday from 5-5:30pm CT on over 800 stations around the world! To find out where you can hear the show near you, go to and I’ll see you on my back porch next time!