Jorge’s Favorite Apple Pie (and then some)

I buy apples to keep around for snacks, but when we don’t eat them up fast enough, they tend to go a little soft here and there, so I often end up baking up an apple pie, or strudel, or apple fritters- whatever I’m in the mood to make up 😉

Boiled Cider Pie

Jorge has actually complained, however, about the apples slices I normally use in my pies- they’re too chunky!! So, this week, I obliged him (oh he owes me), and cut the apples into teensy bits. I also changed up my usual crust a bit by adding Gruyere cheese and mustard, crumbled a handful of pecans with brown sugar and cinnamon over the top, and added a dash of rose flower water to the filling, for a delicious new household favorite 🙂