Just a Quick Bite!

I’ve been so danged busy writing, cooking for, recording, and editing Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show, that I haven’t had a chance to post anything new on my blog in a few weeks. Sheesh! All this work is making me hungry… So I just wanted to drop a quick line to my friends and folks out there to let you know what I’m cooking up for dinner these days 🙂

I always a have a sauce or three on hand to spice up a quick piece of chicken on the grill or to toss into some steamed vegetables alongside potatoes or rice and call that a tasty meal. Tonight, I brushed some leftover butter-tomato sauce I’d cooked up for an Indian-inspired meal I made a few weeks ago, cut up some zucchini that is so in season right now, and grilled everything up for a lovely dinner out on the back porch.

With nights like this, ya know, life ain’t bad at all…!