Leftovers Shmeftovers!

Those of you who know me well, know that I consider myself the Leftovers Queen 🙂 In other words, while I love making up new dishes and cooking tried and true recipes over and over again, I get this sweet feeling of satisfaction when I poke around the fridge, assemble all my containers of leftovers, and create something absolutely new from what could otherwise be just a plain ol’ meal of leftovers.

That’s where my famous enchiladas come from- I’ll combine any and all leftovers together pork chops, smashed potatoes, any and all veggies, you name it- warm up corn tortillas and roll them up filled with the melange of leftover yumminess, pour a mixture of tomato sauce and salsa over the top, and sprinkle grated cheese over that, then warm everything up until warmed through and the cheese is bubbling and has browned slightly. All in all, this dish takes about 30 minutes to make, and that includes the 20 minutes in the oven!

But I also play around with other ideas for leftovers, creating casseroles, chilies, lasagnes, shepherd’s pies, and even my own take on Banh Mi’s, slathering locally made tortillas with mayonnaise, and then layering cut up veggies that I’ve allowed to marinate in vinegar for a day or two- tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers- whatever meat we’re serving as part of our leftover meal, lettuce, rice noodles, and a little sweet chile sauce. And voila! Incredibly easy, incredibly tasty, and pretty healthy dinner, all made from leftovers with a bit of a facelift 🙂

Tonight, I plan to stir-fry together some basmati rice with green beans in tomato-ginger sauce, curried lamb, grilled chicken in plum sauce, and applewood-smoked caramelized pork chop. These are all leftovers, mind you. To all that, I will add a creamy cardamom-coriander tomato sauce, fresh peas, and carrots. And on the side, we’ll enjoy a luscious tomato salad made with the delicious tomatoes bursting from our garden, in a simple herbed vinaigrette.

Leftovers shmeftovers! It’s all brand new, no matter how you slice it! I hope some of you have been enjoying my radio program- Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show- and I hope to see you down the road, soon. Keep it tasty!