Love Cooking For Friends

I do. Love cooking for friends, that is. I love finding out what their favorite meals are, or what they dislike, so I don’t serve that, or if there’s anything they’ve been craving so I can do one better than simply cooking up whatever.

Brined Chops

This weekend we have some friends stopping by, and I’ve had thick center-cut pork chops brining in a brown sugar-thyme-rum bath for a few days already, as well as a few pieces of chicken marinating in one of my signature BBQ sauces (chipotle-citrus). I also plan to make a huge batch of hot potato salad with bacon and green onions, a sweet and spicy peanut mixed vegetable slaw, a cold herbed tomato salad made from all these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes we have from our garden, and I’m happy to bartend up a round of Mexican martinis to complete our dining experience 🙂

So now I’ve outed myself, and you all know who to call if you have a hankering for any specific dish that you just can’t seem to find anywhere. Tell you what, you bring the ingredients, I’ll do the cookin’! I love cooking for friends that much.