My Flavorite Time of Year ;-)

Yes I was that corny, and yes it is truly my flavorite time of year! From fresh, crisp apples to savory and sweet pumpkins and squash, game hens and other Autumn fowl to roasts lingering for hours in the oven- all the best Autumn harvest tastes always make me feel safe and cozy and well-cared for. Must be something ingrained in me as a human being, genetically…

That being said, I’ve been incredibly busy this past month- recording and then mixing the new CD ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND (our rockabilly roots record for both children and their rockabilly roots-loving parents), doing the artwork for said CD, cooking up a storm on my radio program RUBY’S KITCHEN RADIO SHOW (which now has over 2 million listeners on over 800 stations around the world!!), booking events, and working on a new project… whew! Plus the normal stuff- taking care of business at home: cleaning, shopping, laundry, gardening, rehearsing, even sleeping sometimes…!

So in between all of this activity, I’ve been cooking up big dishes every Sunday that last us most of the week, so we have something homemade and delicious every night even when I’m too tired to cook. And taking into account all the incredible harvest flavors available right now, those dishes include a pumpkin-roast pork gratin, sausage-mushroom lasagne, spinach-roast duck-feta phyllo pie… the flavorful list goes on and on! Such a treat that we’re thankful for throughout the week.

Make sure to tune in to RUBY’S KITCHEN RADIO SHOW for some of these great seasonal recipes and more 🙂 And don’t forget kids, keep it tasty!