Noodle Heaven

It’s that time of year again when it’s hot as Hades one minute, then raining and cool the next, then back to muggy wet heat right away again… that confuses my palate as all get out- I never know whether to BBQ or bake something, whip up a quick salad or put a rich stew on for hours…

Peanut Chicken

So I end up cooking up a lot of last-minute meals. Oh, so now it’s hot? Quick! Throw something on the grill! Now it’s cool and raining? Quick! Make up a hearty casserole! And one of my favorite last-minute quickie dishes is a composite actually of a few different things: rice noodles cooked up and tossed with curry-marinated chicken and vegetables, all topped with a luscious peanut-coconut sauce. All easy to make, all easy to enjoy 😉

And then the leftovers, yum! So Texas weather can keep doing what it does- it can’t fool me! Our next meal is just a grocery shop/farmer’s market away from coming together right away. Keeping it tasty for a long, long time now!!