One of Those Days…

I’ve had one of those days where things just don’t seem to go right. From a live on-air radio show this morning that my band Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers was supposed to play- we arrived and it turned out that the host went out of town and forgot to let us know- to cancelled appointments with friends, and a few hours spent at the post office fixing mistaken postage on 75+ envelopes…

rice salad

And actually, I wasn’t upset this morning about the radio show at all- mistakes happen, things go wrong. But others around me were plenty ticked off, and that rubbed off on me. Then the domino effect of cancellations and mistakes just wrecked my day.

So waah, I know. But hey- I just want to say- now’s the time when I wish someone else cooked for me!! Something nice and uplifting to turn my day around. I GET how nice that is, when I do that for folks. And wish someone would do it for me.

I even came home and made a lovely Indonesian rice salad and put some chicken in a spicy sweet marinade to grill up for dinner tonight after the radio show incident, and that felt calming and soul-filling. But then everything else transpired, and now I wish someone else would cook for me.

Ok, enough crying in my tea. I’ll go tinker around my garden and see if that doesn’t help a bit, then by the time I’m done and have cleaned up, maybe I can convince myself the past me made dinner for present me to cheer me up 🙂