Episode 80: The Ultimate Comfort Food

I’m talking about Gratins! Now that it’s finally time to turn on the oven again- and we have all these delicious Autumn flavors of squash, leeks, parsnips, and more goodness- I figure it’s also time to think about making up a scrumptious Autumn vegetable gratin, pair it with a salad and crusty bread, and call that a heart and belly-warming dinner: the ultimate comfort food…


On today’s show, and because we have guests staying with us, I whipped up THREE delicious gratins 🙂 a simple yet lovely butternut squash gratin made with sausage, garlic and orange peel, a savory Yukon Gold potato and wild mushroom gratin with blue cheese, and a rich parsnip, carrot, pea & leek gratin. Oh the sweet goodness in our kitchen!

Keeping it tasty ALL year round 😉