Episode 87: New Year’s Good Luck Chops

Every year, my mom would throw these enormous new year’s day parties, inviting friends, family and neighbors to stop by throughout new year’s day for some food, libations, music on the back porch, and good times to start the new year off right.

She often spent most of the day preceding the party cooking up noodles with shrimp and a spicy hoisin-type sauce, pork chops with sour kraut, hoppin’ john, and variations on black eyed pea dishes- all for good luck in the new year.

Pork Chops n Kraut

My favorite out of all the delicious foods she’d cook up had to be her pork chops with sour kraut- an old world dish for bringing luck to the upcoming year. Here’s my take on that recipe- a mighty fine one if I say so myself 😉

I wish all my listeners out there a happy and healthy new year. Here’s to you!