Episode 88: Fast & Easy Single Pan Meals

I love to cook. And honestly, I love to do dishes too. There’s something meditative and relaxing about plunging one’s hands into a sink full of soapy dishes, scrubbing them, then rinsing and drying. It’s methodical and allows my mind to wander dreamily. Anyway, that’s when I’m not feeling pressured by time and a myriad of things to do that need my attention.

Single Pan Meal

On those days, still wanting to cook, but not wanting the bother of a big pile of dishes and cooking implements to clean up as well, I like to throw together one of my fast and easy single pan meals. Everything goes into one skillet or roasting pan, the oven really does all the work for you, and not only is cleanup a snap, but the meal is incredibly tasty!

I shared three of my favorite single pan meals on this show: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Chickpeas, Chicken & Sausage Bake, and Crispy Roast Chicken with Shallots and New Potatoes. All keepers 🙂

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy new year~ Keep it tasty!