Episode 91: Cook Like a Pro!

I’ve talked about some of this previously on my show, but folks have asked me to share my thoughts again, so today’s show is chock-full of pointers on what you need for a kitchen that has everything you need to make just about anything 😉


From a few well-cared-for knives to a great cutting board, well-made saucepan and skillet to a few other little odds and ends I use almost daily, here’s my tips on what I think you need for a well-provided kitchen tool list. Plus I share a few tips on how to braise, saute, and a few other basics in the kitchen.

And even if you like to add a few other odds and ends or prefer to cook this way instead of that, it’s all about the end results- do you love to cook? And do you enjoy what you make? Then it’s all good!!

Keep it tasty, every which way 😉