Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show needs a new sponsor

Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show is my cooking show that airs weekly on over 800 stations around the world via satellite and internet, as well as being available as a free podcast via itunes. On the show each week, I share my thoughts and opinions on cooking seasonally and locally, whatever is freshest and best for the area in which you live. I give a new recipe or two every week, and plenty of tips on how to find perhaps slightly more exotic ingredients. But the cooking is always down-home and fairly easy, and always ALWAYS delicious! Plus I play a little music to get folks in the mood every week, so the show is entertaining, informative and fun!

In order to pay for the network to run my show, I need a minimum of two sponsors, which I have had for the past nearly year. However, one of my sponsors is affiliated with Livestrong and has recently lost most of their funding as a result of all Lance Armstrong’s problems. So they can no longer sponsor the show, which leaves me in a pickle. I either find a new sponsor- and I’ve been making calls!- or the show closes.

So my blog today is actually a plea. If anyone knows of any business out there that might be interested in sponsoring Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show, please have them contact me! They get a great ad deal for their money: $100 per month gives them a weekly ad on my show (airing, like I said, on over 800 stations world-wide), plus a banner ad on my website, and a banner ad on the radio network’s site. I am happy to give more details on metrics, listenership, and so forth if someone contacts me directly at Please help! If I don’t find a sponsor by the end of this month (March), the show goes bye-bye.

Thanks everyone~ keep it tasty!