Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show on Hiatus

I hate to have to admit this, but even I can’t keep up this pace all the time! What with researching, writing and recording my radio show, writing for, rehearsing with and playing with my band, as well as handling all the booking and PR, plus working on various film projects that take up 12 hour days, what suffers is the very thing that I so love to do: cook and enjoy great meals with my husband and friends.

So… one of the things that I can place on pause for now is my radio show. I’m sad to say so, but there you have it. Today’s show will be my last for a while until I can find some balance in my hectic life.

I’m happy to answer any questions about food and cooking directly though- so no need to wait for my show to come back on air. Just write to me directly 🙂

And keep it tasty!