Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show!!

Well that sure happened fast! Last week, Lillian Cauldwell of Internet Voices Radio asked if I would like to do a radio cooking show through her I said sure, and we’ve been talking about it since then. And now… Ruby’s Kitchen Radio Show will start to air the first week of May!!

I’m going to focus on the same things I write about now: locally grown, seasonally fresh foods, and how to cook them. I’ll talk about recipes, farmers markets, what’s in season right now, and what’s on the menu in my kitchen that week. I’ll even have guests occasionally, and maybe even play a song or two!

First off though, I need to locate a couple of sponsors. So if anyone has any bright ideas or knows anyone who might be a great match for this show, please put us in contact with one another. I’m thinking food, beverage, and music related sponsors would be best. The show will air on 800+ stations around the world every month, so that’s a lot of publicity for whoever my sponsors are!

I’ll keep y’all posted about this, so stay tuned for more information as I get it. I will, of course, stream each show from my website, so all my pals out there can share in the good times 🙂

See you next time in Ruby’s Kitchen!