The Perfect Cold Weather Turkey Leftover Soup

Ok, I’m about to tackle the VERY LAST of my thanksgiving turkey goodness… I’d frozen the giblets, bones and all that, and will now whip up a belly-warming turkey bean soup this weekend, chock-full of vegetables and a hint of something extra- curry maybe? Oh and freshly baked gluten free bread to go with! Stay tuned… Here’s last year’s turkey leftover soup snapshot 😉

Turkey Stew

And while I’ve been ever so busy with a huge pile of projects over the past few months, I promise (and that’s a threat) to stoke my creative engines and deliver all sorts of new and exciting recipes, photos, and more on upcoming episodes of RUBY’S KITCHEN RADIO SHOW as well right here on my blog, wherever you read it…

Happy holidays everyone- I hope you all stay warm and safe out there- and of course, keep it tasty!